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Jennifer Williams

Attorney at Law

Child Welfare Law Specialist

Rule 31 Family Mediator




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My law firm is dedicated to helping families obtain safe permanent homes for children.  We are available to represent you in a wide variety of legal matters involving your family and have the experience to provide whatever is necessary to seek the result your family deserves.

As an adoption attorney, child welfare litigator, and family mediator, I have dedicated my twenty-year career to advocating for the protection, health and welfare of innocent children.  With my specialized training and expertise, I will honestly, diligently and aggressively represent you to fight for the best interests of your children.

Prior to obtaining my law degree, I was employed as a youth services officer for juvenile court where I worked daily with families to address the needs of the children in their home.  In 2000, I graduated from the Nashville School of Law and obtained my law license, then I spent my first two years as an attorney employed as the Assistant General Counsel for the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services.  I have prosecuted numerous cases of dependency/neglect and child abuse advocating for the health, safety and welfare of countless children involved with the foster care system.  This experience provided me invaluable insight into the policies and procedures of DCS. I began my solo practice in 2003 to allow me to have a more direct and personal impact upon the lives of families and children.  I have served as the Guardian ad Litem (GAL) for hundreds of children in a variety of cases.  

I have represented various private parties (mothers, fathers, grandparents, relatives, unrelated parties, children) in complex and serious litigation which involved disputes over custody, visitation, parentage, child support, parenting plans, grandparent visitation, termination of parental rights, and adoption in the following counties:  Robertson, Davidson, Sumner, Montgomery, Cheatham, Dickson, Wilson, Williamson, Rutherford, Bedford, Maury and Lawrence.  I am willing to travel to any location to protect a child.

My practice has always been exclusively dedicated to child advocacy.  I am one of the few attorneys in the State of Tennessee that has been certified as a Child Welfare Law Specialist (CWLS) by the National Association of Counsel for Children (NACC) based upon my years of work experience and education.  I am also a family mediator specially trained in domestic violence as a Rule 31 Listed Mediator.  Whether the result in your case is achieved through hotly contested litigation, settlement, or mediation, my law firm has the skills necessary to achieve a positive result for you.

My legal assistant, Hope Walton, has had over a decade of legal experience working with families through limitless difficult scenarios.  Her compassion and commitment to the families we represent goes above and beyond the normal course of business. The legal advocacy that she provides to all clients is an invaluable asset to our firm and for your family.

We will utilize our education, background and years of courtroom litigation experience to assist you when your family needs legal representation the most.  Let our specialized work experience work for your family to protect your children


Any information obtained from this website shall not be considered legal advice as each individual case has an independent set of factors which may alter the outcome of litigation.


"He who can reach a child's heart can reach the worlds heart."     

-Rudyard Kipling



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