Your family can grow in many ways when you choose adoption, you are giving a child an opportunity to have a loving permanent home that may not otherwise have been an option with the child’s birth family.  There are many ways adoption may be achieved and we would love to represent you in becoming a loving forever home for a child. 


Adoptions are very technical from a legal perspective and should only be pursued with the assistance of an experienced adoption attorney.  Some of the components involve adoption home studies through a state-approved licensed child-placing agency, voluntary surrender or consent by a birth parent for adoption, involuntary termination of birth parents’ rights for adoption, interstate requirements for adoptions crossing state lines, and appellate actions.


When adoption can be achieved by voluntary surrender or consent of a biological parent to the adoptive family, it is necessary to strictly comply with laws in Tennessee for the adoption to be valid.  When adoption must be sought through involuntary termination of the birth parents rights to legally free the child for adoption, a variety of legal techniques and strategies may be applied to reach the achieved result.  For involuntary termination, there must exist legal grounds for termination of the birth parents’ rights and legal factors in the child’s best interests.  My law office has extensive experience in representing adoptive families in voluntary or involuntary adoptions in a variety of circumstances.


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